We help you find, interview and hire the sales talent you want

Oppty matches and introduces you directly to qualified sales talent.

Engage + Inform

Our engagement team contacts relevant candidates with custom outreach about your open roles while representing your brand.

Qualify + Convert

Expert recruiters ensure they meet the role requirements and confirm their interest in your company, team, mission and culture.

Review + Schedule

Qualified candidates provide their resume and schedule directly on your calendar during pre-determined interview time slots. 

Oppty does the sourcing, vetting and engagement of strong-fit candidates. 

We connect companies with great folks

We research. We engage. We deliver.

We are a part of your hiring team

Oppty was able to help me hire five great SDR candidates. They basically acted as my talent acquisition team, consistenly lining me up with interested candidates to interview and hire. We use them pretty consistently for all our sales hiring needs. They seem to really get sales recruiting.


Brian Zang

SVP Sales, Virtru

Once we set our candidate criteria, interested donor sales development candidates started flowing in via email the next day and we simply picked the people we were interested in speaking to. Oppty made introductions to each candidate and we quickly scheduled the interviews.


Katarina Weir

CEO, Orchestra of the Americas

Oppty's matching process is insanely fast and seamless. The quality of the SDR candidates are similar if not better than agencies we have used in the past. What I love is the simplicity of the service. Oppty delivers great candidates month over month automatically adding them to my calendar.

Tyler Hagan

Alexander Per

CEO, Dataraunt / POS Link